BitVox is a work for beatboxer and live-electronics which run inside a programming language. It makes use of audio event analysis and algorithmic beat manipulation in an effort to create a unified soundworld between the human beatboxer and his mechanical counterpart. It utilises a custom built SuperCollider class (the CuePlayer) allowing the organisation of processes and musical material in bundles and their execution in sequential cues.

The premiere took place at Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, Greece, during the Improtech 2019 Festival. Beatbox: Giorgos Gargalas | Laptop: Orestis Karamanlis

The piece received the 2021 CIME Prize of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music, 3rd Prize at MusicWorks 2019 Electronic Music Composition Contest (Toronto, Canada), 2nd Prize at MA/IN 2020 (Matera Intermedia Festival, Italy).